Q: What is Mystery Island?

A: Mystery Island is a publishing venue for comic books, comic strips, music interviews & reviews, and retro-futuristic pop culture of all kinds via our in print publications and our website: mysteryisland.net

Q: Where is Mystery Island located?

A: If we knew that, Dr. Atlantis (top banana of The Secret Society) would be a whole lot happier. However, our main office is currently located in Sacramento, California. The office is open by invitation only as we work on Top Secret Projects.
Shhh ...

Q: What’s the Secret Society?

A: “The Secret Society” is our original franchise of metaphysical crime fighters. For more info, see: THE SECRET SOCIETY

Q: What’s your latest project?

A: Our newest release is: THE SURF BUM by BRADLEY MASON HAMLIN

Q: Can I submit something to Mystery Island and get published?

A: Stranger things have happened. See our guidelines: SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

Q: Who is Lucy Hell and/or Devilgirl and how can I contact her?

A: The real life Lucy Hell is our favorite girl reporter and the model/inspiration for Lucy Hell, Devilgirl, the sexiest super hero of them all, and member in good standing of The American Secret Society. You can contact any of the staff members at Mystery Island by emailing: office@mysteryisland.net or visit us @ Facebook

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