SUPER VILLAIN MAGAZINE No. 1: Featuring Frankenstein 9!


“Hank [Charles Bukowski] would have loved this.”

--Michael Montfort

(After reading “The Little Man Inside the Shotglass”)

Welcome to the first book in a brand new series of Super Villain Magazine stories. Each book will feature different villainous characters from Mystery Island’s amazing world of super spies, metaphysical crime fighters, and/or supernatural super villains! This premiere collectible tome showcases the diabolical Frankenstein 9, the ninth in the line of Dr. Frankenstein monster-makers.

You get the first two adult-oriented pulp-style prose stories that introduced Frankenstein 9 to the small presses somewhere around the turn of the century in various independent venues. These uncanny tales, “The Little Man Inside the Scotch Glass,” and “The Curse of Frankenstein 9” have been updated, edited, and digitally re-mastered for your reading pleasure in signed/limited editions.

The son of the son of the son of the son of the son of son of son of son of Frankenstein … (that would be Frankenstein 9 for those counting …) has decided to go one better than monster-making. He (in his mad genius) wants to bring back his favorite literary figure and put him back to work.

All he needs for this simple (and somewhat insane) alchemy is a specific form of DNA from Mr. Charles Bukowski.

Can he do it?

Will anyone stop him?

Find out the thrilling/chilling answers to these questions in the first and highly collectible issue of SUPER VILLAIN MAGAZINE!

Available to own today [February 18, 2013] in a limited/signed edition from Mystery Island Publications: $7.99 (shipping free within the USA). Foreign orders, please email for invoice.

SUPER VILLIAN MAGAZINE digest books are high quality saddle-stiched collectible editions made from the finest paper and cover stock available. Great for gifts, stocking stuffers, throwing in your backpack, and reading in one gulp. Tell your friends, but don't reveal the details of the stories inside. Shhh ... it's a secret.

THE SECRET SOCIETY, Frankenstein 9, and all related characters owned by Mystery Island publications.
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