To all my comic book friends,

As you all may have heard, Art Clokey, creator of GUMBY passed away yesterday. [01/08/10].

Art Clokey will be missed and his contribution to our 20th century treasured by a legion of fans and Gumby lovers for generations to come.

I am so very, very happy to have had the chance to help bring Gumby into the world of comics. The fun I’ve had and the friends I’ve made are a priceless gift.

I had so much fun doing Gumby Comics and you can see the same fun and excitement in the extra distance that Art Adams, Steve Purcell, Rick Geary and Steve Oliff put into the Gumby books, making them some of the most handsome and colorful curiosities in the history of comics.

I was always aware that what we were doing was part of history. Like William S. Burroughs, Ernie Kovacs, Tim Leary and Mad Magazine; Gumby was a seminal, pioneering icon and hipster rallying point in the Avant Garde culture of the 50s. At the same time Gumby had a special, almost magical connection with children. It is a connection that speaks to children of all cultures and races and eras. Even today, Art Clokey’s fantastic worlds and bizarre, timeless characters still thrill curious children and amuse adults with its sense of wonder and everyday fun.

Gumby was a perfect fit for me, having done the surreal Flaming Carrot series but Art Clokey’s little green boy was a warmer character and there was an innocence and whimsical optimism that is the Clokey brand like no other. My heart goes out to Joe Clokey who has been a dear friend to me, who was, for Art, the best son a dad could have and who has bent over backwards to make what we did happen.

I also want to thank the Comico gang, in particular Diana Schutz and Bob Shreck – Art Adams who did his part for the love of it – Mel Smith whose vision and dedication to quality gathered the finest talent and made my little stories ten feet tall… and his Wildcard Ink crew, Clark, Lance and all! Now most all, I want to thank the comic fans, those wonderful fans that gave Gumby a chance and eventually wound up voting cute, little Gumby and Pokey, all those nomination and awards in a superhero driven industry. Comic Book Fandom, you’re the best!

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“Art Clokey Press Release" by Bob Burden.
Published: 01.09.10 by Mystery Island Publications.

Photos of Art Clokey, Bob Burden, Gumby/Pokey, and Flaming Carrot from the collection of Bob Burden.
All rights reserved for Burden.