LUCY: For those who donít know you yet ó who is Bat Lady and where did she come from?

BAT LADY: I am just the latest Bat Lady in a long line of female vampire hunters with the same noble title that began in the mid-16th Century. The public at large thinks Bat Lady is a fictional character having been in pulps, movie serials, comics and a short-lived TV show in the early 1970s. So did I, until I learned otherwise ... the hard way!

I had recently moved to New York City to become an actress (I wonít reveal my real name so as not to trip out my relatives). I heard about an open call for the casting of a new big-budget Bat Lady movie so I went to a Ďcattle callí audition. There were tons of other actresses and I thought I gave a pretty good reading! I didnít get the part (they were always planning to use a big-name actress anyway) but I was offered a gig to make public appearances as Bat Lady.

Have you ever been to a comic book convention? I went to my first (and last) one and it changed my future completely! After signing comics and having pictures taken, some nutty kid whipped out an albino vampire bat, just like Bat Lady had. He pulled it out of the cage, it escaped and bit me in the dang neck!!!

I donít remember much after that until I woke up in an abandoned gothic mansion on 5th Avenue. A weird looking stranger filled me in. Turns out that Bat Lady was for real and I was a descendant of the original. After the first Bat Lady was destroyed in the 1700s, her spiritual essence was carried on through her familiarÖ an albino bat! The bat would seek out those worthy of carrying on the tradition. When the next Bat Lady was obliterated decades later, her familiar carried on her legacy and so on, up to me!

Now Iím in possession of semi-vampiric powers. Most of the good bits and not too much of the bad. Like I can hang around in the daytime, though Iíd rather not, and I like garlic on my pizza! Iím stronger than the average bear, lighter than I look so I can float around a bit, especially with a good breeze. I donít drink blood to survive, so I donít have that murderous red hunger like full-blown vamps do. The downside is that I have to remain a virgin or Iíll become one of those undead bloodsuckers myself. Doesnít allow me much satisfaction in the romance department. And Iíll always remain this age, which is kind of cool, until people start noticing. It was a major blow to my acting career as I photograph semi-transparent! I myself will one day be finished and a new Bat Lady will replace me.

I wasnít into it at first, but the more I learned about the menace of vampires, the more I got into trashing those bastards! People donít realize it but theyíre a more intense, and immediate, threat than global warming!

As the days pass, I find myself mastering new, incredible powers and itís kind of groovy!

LUCY: What is your association with Molly the Model?

Strangely enough, or not, a model named Molly Marks went through a similar experience herselfÖ without getting bitten by a freakiní bat! She also auditioned for the BL movie and did some convention appearances as the character. The story was recounted in comic strip form in the New York Post and on the web and has been reprinted as a manga-size paperback. You can see her strip at

LUCY: Do you have other super-powered pals?

Who doesnít? Foremost is my mentor Dr. von Eycks. He was the last Bat Ladyís sidekick until he got the big bad bite. As a doctor, he had been studying vampirism and theorizing cures through brain surgery. He performed an operation on himself that sort of cured himÖ he doesnít have the blood thirst though he has similar abilities to me. And heís got the coolest weapons! He prefers his mini-stake crossbow, but heís got these cool ninja throwing crosses and other wild gadgets.

I also had an adventure with El Muerto, the cute zombie boy! Cartoonist Javier Hernandez does a comic book about him and they just made an El Muerto movie starring Wilmer Valderrama from ďThat 70s Show!Ē Heís at

LUCY: Ever kill a werewolf?

Iíve met a few, but havenít had to kill any. They had their act under control. I wouldnít want to kill any because theyíre living creatures. So far I havenít had to murder anybody yet, thank God! Vampires are already dead, so when I rip those suckers up I ainít killing nobody! Zombies are open season too, but not all of them, as I learned hooking up with El Muerto. Heís still got his brain and doesnít want to chew on anybody elseís. That makes him a minority in the zombie community. And you have some undead aspects yourself, donít you Lucy?

LUCY: Well, I may have spent a few hours in Hell ... but I don't like to talk about it.

I once asked your advice on dealing with Jewish vampires. Can you relate that info here? (Of course our readers understand vampire killing holds no prejudice. Any vampire is worthy of slaying, but one must have the correct tools and information.)

BAT LADY: You can use any spiritual icon as a weapon against the undead. Itís not that theyíre Christian God-fearing vampires, they're God-fearing vampires. They are such a perversion to Nature, they shrink at the mere symbol of positive spirituality. You can use the Cross, Star of David, Moslem Crescent, hurl a Buddha at them, what have youÖ all of it bums them out a wicked lot! It really helps more if you actually believe in the concept behind it, which I sure as Hell do after what Iíve been through!

LUCY: Do you really drink the blood of the bad guys? Is it Ö gross? It is Ö refreshing?

BAT LADY: Thatís some sort of mean-spirited disinformation! That is gross! I donít kill humans though Iíve messed up a few. And, sometimes in the heat of the battle, Iíve chewed on a few vamps, but didnít drink it! Vampire blood is not real blood. Vampires canít suck off of other vampires to survive, yíknow?

I canít take any outside bodily fluids, blood or otherwise! If I did Iíd become one of those out of control bitches Iíve sworn to destroy!

LUCY: Um, sorry 'bout that. What do you do on a typical day when youíre not hunting vampires?

BAT LADY: Same thing most gals my age do. Daytime outdoors is not really my bag lately, but I go to movies, shop. Iíve got access to a trust fund set up by the most recent Bat Lady, who got her name copyrighted and set up a merchandising company for rights to the BL TV shows, movies, comics, actions figures, etc., but I donít abuse it. Obviously, it was created to fund our on-going mission.

I think I might try acting again, on the stage, no cameras allowed! Iím trying to maintain a Ďsecret identity,í but after awhile my few friends and family will realize Iím changing without aging. My ability to run around in daylight gives me the advantage in my campaign and helps me do a lot of legwork, uncovering vampires when theyíre aslumber.

Vampire hunting by night takes up a pile of time and can be pretty damn exhausting. I do have what most people would consider Ďsuper-powersí though itís about half that of an average vamp. Therefore I get bashed around a lot and try to use my brain over their brawn. If there are no bloodsuckers brewing I may go to a nightclub (which is a breeding ground for those slobs) though officially I am still underage.

Sometimes if nothingís going on in New York and thereís some outbreak elsewhere, Dr. von Eycks and I will go to where the action is. Thatís how I met El Muerto in California.

LUCY: Whatís your favorite TV show?

BAT LADY: Bat Masterson and Batman. Just kidding, though I do think Yvonne Craig as Batgirl is totally cute and Julie Newmar? Wow! I just made von Eycks get cable in our spooky mansion, so Iím finally getting to watch more now. I usually end up watching old movies on Turner Classics or TV Land. X (as I call Dr. von E) mostly watches the news channel. Heís always reading between the lines that thereís a vampire lurking behind every news item!

LUCY: What music does Bat Lady listen to? BAT LADY: I like the hard rock, such as Rob Zombie, KISS and AC/DC but Iíve been getting into weird movie soundtracks. Sometimes Iíll zip around overhead the city listening to film scores on my iPod giving my adventures a soundtrack. And Iíve recently been exposed to some cool classical by Dr. von X.

LUCY: Have you ever had an encounter with an alien being?

BAT LADY: I take it you mean extra-terrestrial as opposed to Canadian? Not that Iím aware of or can consciously recall but for some reason I bet I will soon! So, probably?

LUCY: What does the future hold for Bat Lady?

BAT LADY: Funny you should ask. Part of my duties include handling the merchandise Ďwingí of the legacy, so now Iím the secret boss of those dopes who turned me down for the role! The Bat Lady movie is finally in development, which will tell my origin and deal with my first encounter with Countess Bathory, a mean bitch that bathes in the blood of virgins! Weíre discussing an action figure deal, whichíd be neat. I totally want to have my own action figure!

In Summer 2007 Iím making an appearance in the War of the Independents, a six-issue mini-series from Arcana. A Halloween one-shot comic book will tell my origin from Comicfix. Sometime next year Comicfix and Los Comex will publish the El Muerto/Bat Lady crossover.

LUCY: Do you have any pets?

BAT LADY: Yup! Itís an albino radioactive cyborg vampire bat named Ygor. He was the last Bat Ladyís familiar and is now mine. His bite at that comic convention triggered my conversion and transferred some of the original Bat Ladyís essence and prowess to me. Ygorís horrid looking but cute when you get to know him. He had been captured after Bat Ladyís demise and used by scientists that gave him bionic parts and irradiated him. The kid who brought him to the con rescued him from the animal-testing lab before the lad unleashed Ygor on me!

Ygorís been a real pal when Iíve needed a friend to talk to and heís saved my ass more than a couple times!

LUCY: Tell us about the new Bat Lady paperback comic:

BAT LADY: The Bat Lady paperback is now available at and is actually the story of Molly the Model, which as I said is pretty close to mine except she never got the chomp by Ygor.

Thanks a lot for letting me get all this off my chest, Lucy. I havenít revealed this much about myself in public before and itís very liberating! I just want people to realize that far from the romantic way the media portray them, vampires are not anti-heroes, theyíre anti-life! Theyíre punk ass losers that are a real threat to mankind. So watch your back at night, sisters!

"Bat Lady" art by Mort Todd © 2007. "Bat Lady Interview" by Lucy Hell © 2007 Mystery Island Publications.
All rights reserved. Published: 04.19.07.