BMH: Hi Jes. Thanks for taking time out of your anarchist schedule to talk with us. What is an anti-model or non-model, exactly? Sounds like you definitely belong on Mystery Island.

ANARCHI: Hiya! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me! It's great to bump into you! I guess I kind of earned the reputation as an anti-model by being a bit of a non-conformist model; I'm by no means your typical 5'9", stick thin fashion model but seem to have carved a career in this industry nonetheless. I guess I'm the proverbial girl next door, that just likes to party.

BMH: You could live on our street, that'd be okay. You’re known for pushing the boundaries with your work. How far have you been able to go? What was your wildest photo shoot so far?

ANARCHI: There really isn't much I wouldn't do. I've found myself hanging upside down from trees & tied up more times than I can count. I like to push my own boundaries; conquer my fears. I'm pretty shy in real life - this is a place where I can be something else for a moment.

BMH: Tell us a little about your younger life. Were you always a wild child?

ANARCHI: Well, being so shy & reserved, I really struggled with interaction. I was the kid that sat in the corner, too scared to speak. I guess it progressed into rebelliousness in my teens. I was often in trouble with the police & excluded from schools & universities time after time. I didn't learn from my mistakes.

BMH: Where are you based now, UK or L.A.?

ANARCHI: At the moment, I'm in the UK. I'll be back in LA for Christmas though! It just turned out that I had quite a lot more work going on in the UK so I really had to be there for a couple of months.

BMH: Do you have a favorite photographer or magazine you like to work with?

ANARCHI: My favourite photographer to work with is Dave Sanderson (Dave The Rave).

He's just so forward thinking & experimental. His work is bright & playful & was some of the work that launched my career. On top of that, he's one of the coolest geeks I know.

BMH: Have you ran into Masuimi Max in your adventures in Los Angeles? She’s a wild one.

ANARCHI: Not yet! But I definitely think we could cause raise all shades of hell together. She's a fantastic model & I'd love to grab a coffee with her when I get back.

BMH: Your intense energy must be intimidating for some people. What scares you?

ANARCHI: I've been hearing this a lot actually; apparently I'm intimidating. Truth be told, when I'm off duty - I'm pretty damn quiet - I revert to being the girl next door who sits in the corner fondly petting her beer. This last year has pretty much seen all of my fears disappear. The only remaining fear that I had was losing the person I loved. I did. Immediately, I crashed but I think when something like that happens - instinctively we all come out stronger. I mean, we've all lost someone we loved, right? And we're all here to tell the tale & party like our pants are on fire.

BMH: Well, we do love wild things. We're not scared of you. Sorry to hear of your loss ...

What’s an unfortunate slutty side effect of modeling?

ANARCHI: Boys in bands. They crawl out of the woodwork as soon as you're modelling. Modelling agencies should consider supplying models with mace & a pig poker in their welcome kits.

BMH: Very well said. You do have a lot of musician and music-loving fans. What’s your favorite band?

ANARCHI: I think it's fair to say that Steven Tyler is God. In terms of the current cattle market that is the music industry, I'd have to show some love to the hell raisers that are Vains of Jenna - genuinely sweet guys.

BMH: You’re also a dancer. Tell us about that.

ANARCHI: Yes! I was actually trained by the Royal Ballet School. I worked with the London-based company for three years before retiring. It's a beautiful art but so very draining. The time I spent with them enabled me to perform on some of the most prolific stages in the world & I'm extremely thankful for that. Nowadays, I'm pretty shit hot at the "robot" & "running man."

BMH: I'd like to see that. What’s your favorite food that models shouldn’t (or should) eat?

ANARCHI: Heaven is beer & pizza-shaped. That is all.

BMH: Nyrrad did some great shots of you in masks. Do you like adding mystery to the modeling with the masks and sexy costumes? How does it make you feel?

ANARCHI: Nyrrad was my muse photographer for the longest time - one of my longest & most adored working relationships. I like to change my image & become someone else for every shoot. Change is such an underrated tool. Being able to change, transform & become another is hugely therapeutic to me.

BMH: Your favorite costume/or look?

ANARCHI: Waking up in my garden with the word "cunt" written on my forehead yesterday morning suggests that my current look is that of Courtney Love. It may have been the most attractive things I have ever seen.

BMH: Uh, where's that picture?

All right, tell us what you’re doing right now and where we can find you soon.

ANARCHI: Well, tonight I'll be checking out the auction of some of my pictures which are on exhibition in the UK & tomorrow I'll be attending the Neon America exhibition at Urban Outfitters. I'm working my way through the UK from London to Glasgow & back before returning to the US ... apparently there's no rest for the wicked.

BMH: Or the pretty. Thank you so much for stopping by the Island. We love what you do.

ANARCHI: Thanks guys - love you right back xoxo.


"Jes Anarchi Interview" by Bradley Mason Hamlin. Edited by Lucy Hell.
© 2009 by Mystery Island Publications. Published: 10.08.09.
All rights reserved.

Photos of Jes Anarchi by:
Les Toxic, Matthew Schultz, Dave "the rave" Sanderson, Nyrrad Photography,
Adam Robertson, and Elliott Morgan respectively. All rights reserved.