LUCY HELL: First of all, happy birthday, Masuimi Max!

MASUIMI: Thank you!

LUCY HELL: What does the hottest model on planet Earth do for her birthday celebration?

MASUIMI: *blush* Well, itís April now and Iím still recovering, that is why this interview took so long! So, what did I do for my birthdayÖ I met up with friends at my favorite bar, the Burgundy Room and pretty much drank ALL of the Jager. It seemed like a good idea at the timeÖ Morat says I canít tell you everything that happened on my birthday.

DIE ANNA: Jager is scary. I would pay a few good Hungarian gold coins to have time traveled with you that night. What was your first modeling job?

MASUIMI: I canít remember if it was a motorcycle commercial or if my first modeling job was with Collante, a clothing company that made clubwear and bikinis.

LUCY: Maybe our Secret Society research department can find it for you. Youíve brought many talents (or were born with) to your modeling that spice up an already super spicy career: double-jointedness, fire-eating, karate, a love for guns, and awesome costumes ...

Whatís the one talent you donít have but wish you did?

MASUIMI: I had to think about that one for a whileÖ I was going to say fly, but Iím afraid of heights, so Iíd have to say being a hypnotist! Like the guy in Little Britain, ďLook into my eyes, not around my eyes, youíre under!Ē

DIE ANNA: Yes, cobra power is good for you.

Your favorite double-jointed sex position?

MASUIMI: Thatís rather a personal question, isnít it? LOL! Would you like to come over and find out? ;-)


How/where did you learn to eat fire? Itís really a beautiful thing to do.

MASUIMI: Why thank you! I started stripping in Vegas when I was 18 and my first week there made an impression, LOL. I had a mohawk and piercings, which wasnít allowed at the club I was working at so I tried to put lipstick on my lipring and wore a really bad blonde wig my first night. I didnít know how to dance or strip in a sexy way, I kept wiggling around on stage until my wig fell off! I was mortified, it landed on the club managerís foot! I left the stage thinking I should leave, but the manager came back to the dressing room and told me Drew Barrymore wanted a dance, and wanted to wear my wig! Like I said, I made an impression! Well, the club had a dance troupe that performed there every weekend and they took notice of me. The head of the troupe asked if I would be interested in being a featured performer. I said sure! Then they told me what I would be doing Ö and I was terrified of fire then, but I was still intrigued and I like confronting my fears (well some of them anyway). So I was taught the basics of fire-eating and they choreographed my first ever fire show!

LUCY: Awesome. What type of karate are you a student of and why?

MASUIMI: As a child I was always excited by martial arts scenes in movies and I would pretend I was an action figure and that I knew how to do all those fancy moves. I wasnít allowed to take any classes but that didnít stop me. As soon as I was old enough to get a job I took Kenpo karate. I actually wanted to take kickboxing but there wasnít a gym near where I lived so I took karate instead. My father eventually found out and made me stop at purple belt. Many years later, I moved to Texas and started taking kickboxing at the Lionís Den in Dallas. I had to stop for a while after a motorcycle accident injured my knee. Nowadays Iím interested in yoga and pilates, but I can still kick ass! ;-)

LUCY: Yes, you seem very stretchy. Your favorite gun (and why)?

MASUIMI: 50 caliber Desert Eagle, because itís fucking sweet, just look at one!

Masuimi is a true warrior woman. She gets all our respect.

LUCY: Your portrayal of Vampira for Coffin Case is magnificent. We know youíve heard that already, but itís true. Any future plans for Masuimi/Vampira?

Thank you! I really loved working on that project.. I don't know how to answer this question because she sadly passed away.

LUCY: Very sad. Brad wrote an article about her on Mystery Island. We love Maila very much. Any other characters/people you would like to portray?

MASUIMI: Yes, but Iím not telling! Itís best not to give your ideas away in an interview! :-P

LUCY: Okay then, tell us about the love of your life:

MASUIMI: Heís my best friend and he's hung like a donkey.

DIE ANNA: And he can take the good pictures, darling. :>

LUCY: Whatís one of the spiciest things that has happened at one of your shows?

MASUIMI: I donít know if this counts ... I dragged my friend Elizabeth onto stage at the end of one of my shows and put a cupcake where the sun donít shine ... it was her birthday and she liked it!

DIE ANNA: Sweet, are girls or boys better kissers?

MASUIMI: Iím not sure, I havenít tried everyone.

DIE ANNA: Soon darling, patience. Tell us about, your new line of make-up, and other projects youíre working on:

MASUIMI: I have lots of exciting projects Iím working on but I canít talk about them just yet. But I can tell you about I Am Trouble Cosmetics, my new line of make-up! This is animal friendly, cruelty free, high quality make-up for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Youíll find everything youíll need to create the perfect pinup pout or smoky eye look and itís available exclusively at Coming soon: Palette selections and ďGet the LookĒ Tutorials!

My website is the greatest thing ever! [Editorís note: It really is an awesome website]. Well, I think so, but Iím supposed to! Letís see, consists of a memberís area, message board and a free tour. The members area has over 35,000 photos and a bunch of other ďgood stuff.Ē I work on my site a lot. Iím always updating with new photo sets and changing the design. I am working on a new feature for the memberís area, but I donít want to spill the beans just yet!

LUCY: If we created a superhero (or villainess) inspired by Masuimi Maxówhat powers would she have?

MASUIMI: Everything Dr. Who has. If you donít know who he is, I donít want to talk to you anymore. ;-)

Thank you so much!


DIE ANNA: Many kisses in return, and thank you for time traveling with "Devilgirl" & "Hourglass" via MYSTERY ISLAND!

LUCY: Doesnít Dr. Who have an umbrella ... :)



ďMasuimi Max Interview" by Lucy Hell (with "Hourglass/Die Anna"). Edited by Bradley Mason Hamlin.
© 2009 by Mystery Island Publications. Published: 04.09.09.
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