TALES FROM THE CRYPT No.1: Ghouls Gone Wild

REVIEW: 10/25/07

by Bradley Mason Hamlin


What’s that you say? I’ve heard that before—but the Crypt-Keeper always crawls out of the grave—only to bash in our brains with another batch of yesterday’s reprints?

Not this time, ghoul school!

Editor-in-Chief Jim Salicrup is dishing up brand new grave dirt—and currently has coffin openings for kids 10 years grown and still growing. Remember Jim? He’s the crazy cat that once upon a time edited a New York based superhero called: Spider-Man. Now, Salicrup is Editor-In-Chief of a new graphic novel company called: Papercutz. They’ve created cool new versions of the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and my personal favorite: Zorro! So, in keeping with their goal of publishing interesting stuff that kids can actually read, Papercutz has also brought back—Tales from the Crypt.

Jim and his pals: the Crypt-Keeper, the Old Witch, and the Vault-Keeper were nice enough to hex Mystery Island with a review copy of Tales from the Crypt No. 1: Ghouls Gone Wild!

And …

I was almost afraid to read the thing.

Those ol’ EC Comics are pretty darned sacred, and how many times does a “new” version of something actually ever work out? I mean, would a zombie Betty Page be as good as the real thing? Well, maybe …

But there it was [Tales from the Crypt, not Zombie Betty] … and the cover sure did look like the real deal, by Mr. Exes [see above] and a great "What Me Dead?" back cover by Kyle Baker … Remember him? He’s the guy that did some extremely odd things to The Shadow. Anyway, yeah, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to put some kind of a positive spin on Tales just to be pleasant—or, in the case of this new work stinking like an elevator in a busy city, well, I would have to get darn right mean.

No such luck!

Tales from the Crypt is chockfull of gravediggin’ goodness. I read the book in one big gulp and wanted more—classic creepy tales with a good dose of MAD/Cracked humor. I can’t wait to see what’s comin’ alive next. I don’t want to spoil the fun of the plots therein, so I’ll just say: Mystery Island approved! And—thank you so much, Jim and the undead gang, for bringing back an American classic and treating the creature with the respect it deserves.

I should also say the new format is super cool. The new Crypt books are perfect bound [otherwise known as trade paperbacks] little graphic novels, much like a new form of pulp horror paperbacks, yet you can’t call ‘em pulp because they’re actually using really good paper.

Oh heck, just go get your “all-new spine-tingling SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES” today!

See: papercutz.com for more info or just click on Angry Mad Scientist Man below and he’ll take you there.


Bradley Mason Hamlin, reading with the flashlight underneath the covers …

"Tales from the Crypt Review" by Bradley Mason Hamlin.
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