HELL: First of all, introduce yourselves (names and instruments played or vocals screamed):

Crab Mayhem - vocals
Brett Mayhem - guitar/backups
Gil Mayhem - bass/backups
Danny Mayhem - drums

Gil, (friend Jeff from San Diego), Brett, and Crab in Los Angeles.

Danny Mayhem.

HELL: It’s no secret that many of the newer so-called punk bands are really punk-lite, essentially more pop than punk, for a more radio friendly audience. Are you guys going to prove that old school punk isn’t dead?

Editor's note: (The Mayhem boys [listed above] answered these questions as a group and will be noted together as MAYHEM).

MAYHEM: Yes. Yes we will.

HELL: How did you get involved with Greg Hetson? Your version of “Wild in the Streets” is not only carved out of obvious respect—it’s an awesome cover.

Editor's note: (You can hear "Wild in the Streets" at:

MAYHEM: Hey thanks! We met Greg through mutual friends in the punk rock community, and he let us play a few Bad Religion shows. Since then we've all become pretty good friends, and he helped us produce our first EP. He has been coming down from his world to help us out with our full length as well. As far as the cover goes, we've always been huge Circle Jerks fans and thought it would be cool to cover something that always inspired us.

HELL: For a newer punk band you guys have already experienced some hardcore trials and tribulations. Tell us a little about Steve “Crabby” Cabler’s plight in Bali:

MAYHEM: Crab was on a surf trip in Bali with a very good friend and old band's manager Steve Webster aka webby. They were at a famous nightclub called the Sari Club celebrating Webby’s birthday when they were hit by double suicide bombs. One was a backpack bomb and one was a car bomb. Webby was murdered that night along with over 200 other people, and Crab was hurt badly (3rd degree burns, blown out cochlea in both ears, broken scapula).

HELL: There is a sad irony that these 2002 bombings exploded in direct retaliation for the United States war on terror and Australia’s role in the liberation of East Timor--and that your political stance specifically defies U.S. government policies regarding Bush’s so called peace tactics since 9/11. I extend my deepest regrets and condolences to all the families hurt by these attacks.

Tell us about: We Don’t Belong. Why should the world spend their hard-earned taco money on this new EP?

MAYHEM: Because our music has meaning, and the Uprising was started out of Crab’s experience in Bali. We put 7 songs out for 5 bux ... shit, for 10 bux you can get our EP AND some tacos if you go on taco Tuesday. Oh yeah and we are getting ready to release a full length we are recording at Victoria studios (without a label so far) so just go on a taco diet and buy our full length! Ok? Ok.

HELL: Who’s the sex symbol of the band?

MAYHEM: Todd Uprising ... He's our roadie. You can catch him at our merch booth.

HELL: What do you guys think of George W. Bush?

MAYHEM: Lying fucking cocksucker who should be in jail. Listen to the words of a lot of our songs, and you will get an idea of how we feel about the US government. Also, check out our blogs on myspace …

HELL: Who should be the next President of the United States?

MAYHEM: Greg Graffin.

Greg Graffin on stage with Bad Religion in 2004 at Vans Warped Tour.

HELL: Besides the Uprising, your favorite punk band is:

MAYHEM: Bad Religion ... and Slayer.

HELL: What’s your favorite cartoon?

Crab - Invader Zim
Brett - Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Gil - Family Guy
Danny - South Park

HELL: Give us a political rant:

MAYHEM: No. Go read our blogs!

HELL: Whatever. Anything else we should know about the Uprising?

MAYHEM: We're gunna make the wheel square again just to fuck with people.

HELL: That'll cut down on the traffic. Thanks guys!


Love, Lucy.

"The Uprising Interview" by Lucy Hell. Edited/formatted by Bradley Mason Hamlin. Copyright © 2007 by Mystery Island Publications. Published: 08.01.07 by Mystery Island. All rights reserved.