EPISODE 005: A Room Full of Spiders

From pitch black darkness … the ethereal red hell lights that exist inside Eddie Crossbones’s eye sockets began to glow again. At first he could see only the darkness itself, hard to tell the dark from no sight at all, but when you’ve lived the life of a living skeleton you get a feeling for the dark and that which is not.

“Stupid mushrooms,” he said. “Wait’ll I get hold of that delivery boy.”

He took in a breath with invisible lungs. How is that possible? He asked himself the question for the trillionth time. He could feel, actually feel, the air subtlety pass over his exposed mandible. Ghost lungs, maybe? Maybe. He could talk. The sound, the musculature to form the words, must come from some sort of unseen anatomy.

“Okay,” he said, “enough mental buggery. I’m awake now.” He could feel the hard concrete underneath the trench coat covering his bone ass and the cold concrete wall against his back.

“Hmmm …” He stood, peering into the dark with those red “eyes” of his …

“Goddamn, Mushroom Man! What the hell do you want? Don’t you have enough fun twisting the minds of college kids and hippies?”

This time it was his ghostly ear canals that came alive. A sound. Something … moving.

Something crawling?

Eddie’s eye shone a little brighter as the walls themselves undulated in front of him, a slow-motion rolling black sea. But it wasn’t the walls moving, was it Eddie?

No, something crawling … on the walls.

Normally they would be perfectly silent, to the human ear that is, but when you put thousands of tiny creatures together they sort of make a soft slithering sound …

Eddie looked up and a spider dropped into his mouth.

To be continued …

EPISODE 006: Devilgirl's Double Trouble

SECRET SOCIETY: MONSTER ZIPPER by Bradley Mason Hamlin. Secret Society: American Strip Episode 005: "A Room Full of Spiders" published June 1, 2008 by Mystery Island. Copyright © 2008 by Mystery Island Publications. All rights reserved.